Why Buy A Modern Mason & Hamlin

A modern Mason & Hamlin piano of today is more than just a beautiful instrument. It is a symbol with a heritage hearkening back to the excellence of the past and the innovation of the future. From its origin in 1854 up through today, we at Mason & Hamlin have continued to improve the quality of our pianos through many refinements, enhancements, and innovations.

When the company was acquired by the Burgett Brothers over two decades ago, they standardized the pianos’ aesthetics with a classic and uniform look inspired by the iconic Mason & Hamlin BB of the 1920s. Production of pianos was also expanded from two grand models into a complete line of six pianos that includes an all-new upright Mason 50 and redesigned B 5’4’, AA 6’4”, CC 9’4” pianos.

Full-Perimeter Plate

Continuing a craft of tradition, while striving to improve and incorporate modern innovations, Mason & Hamlin has introduced full-perimeter plates across our entire line to deepen and support their power and melodic sound, which was originally a feature limited to the BB.

Tension Resonator

The tension resonator—a Mason & Hamlin exclusive—was redesigned and enhanced to preserve the piano’s crown and structure with an even greater level of stability and reliability, and is standard in every model of piano we produce.


Unlike every other piano manufacturers in the world, we developed a fully state-of-the-art advanced composite action with hard bushings and epoxy carbon fiber shanks that completely outclass their wooden counterparts in durability, consistency, and reliability—as well as come installed in each of our pianos.

When you purchase a modern Mason & Hamlin, it is not only a piano constructed with the finest materials, but a quality instrument that preserves a tradition of sound and legacy of longevity. Today, all of our redesigned pianos are based on new scale designs that bring each piano to the modern age, while hearkening back to Mason & Hamlin’s venerable heritage.

Comparison of Old Vs. New MAson & Hamlin Pianos

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