Is Mason & Hamlin In Your Portfolio?

Mason & Hamlin pianos have been acclaimed by professionals and piano aficionados for over 150 years. The combination of Old World craftsmanship with time-tested designs and materials make Mason & Hamlin one of the few investment-grade pianos built today, and now, astute investors are taking note of Mason & Hamlin’s remarkable potential.

“...As an investment, Mason & Hamlin pianos make excellent collectibles...They appreciate about 4.5% a year, and you can also play them.”

- Joseph Alotta, Principal Financial Advisor, Open Door Investment Advisors Inc., Westmont, IL

Mason & Hamlin pianos, as well as other premium pianos, have appeciated in value higher than other investment-grade commodities such as gold, silver, or wine. How much more will your Mason & Hamlin, which is even rarer, more unique, and of unsurpassed quality than other piano, appreciate in today’s market?

“While preserving all the qualities of the percussion instrument, the Mason & Hamlin pianoforte also serves magnificently the composer’s concept by its extensive range in dynamics, as well as quality of tone. It is not short of being a small orchestra. In my opinion, the Mason & Hamlin is a real work of art.”

- Maurice Ravel, World-Renowned Composer

“...I desire to play the Mason & Hamlin pianos...I feel that if I have succeeded in making even the slightest impression upon the public by my playing, a great part of my success is due to your instruments.”

- Sergei Rachmaninoff, World-Renowned Composer and Concert Pianist

Rarity, Exclusivity, and Timeless Perfection

As evidence of Mason & Hamlin’s commitment to quality, fewer than 350 pianos are manufactured each year. Thus, each piano is truly a one-of-a-kind original--a limited edition--and no doubt will perform and increase in value for decades to come.

The performance of a lifetime is assured by Mason & Hamlin’s patented Crown Retention System--unique among piano manufacturers--which insures your piano’s soundboard retains its original contour and performance qualities. Consequently, a seventy-five year-old Mason & Hamlin often sounds better than--and retains a resale value exceeding that of--other higher priced new pianos.

Acclaimed, collected, and investment-grade, Mason & Hamlin is the ultimate piano investment.