Wessell, Nickel & Gross Piano Actions

Mason & Hamlin is proud to offer Wessell, Nickel and Gross actions in all of its pianos.

“This action, like no other, gives you the sensation that your fingers are playing directly on the strings. An amazing feeling. The tone that it produces is extremely clear and beautiful. With this action the responsiveness is extraordinary; it feels as if you could do anything that your imagination would allow.” Viktor Valkov

Concert Pianist

Wessell, Nickel and Gross is at the forefront of piano action technology, bringing innovation, modern materials, and a breath of fresh air to an industry that has been stale for over 100 years.

Composite Materials

Wood was hi-tech…100 years ago. Wood expands, contracts, distorts, and is highly inconsistent. This means more maintenance and tuning to compensate for these changes.

To avoid the shortfalls of wood, WNG uses a composite material in its actions. This material is a combination of a Nylon base resin and long fibers to create a material that both remarkably strong and rigid–an ideal material to make piano actions out of.

“I rebuilt two pianos simultaneously. One with wooden parts, and the other with WNG composite parts. The difference is enormous. The one rebuilt with WNG turned out with a much lighter action and the piano gained in power and sustain.”

Gaetan Perrin

RPT, Trois-Rivieres Conservatory, Quebec, Canada

Epoxy Carbon Fiber Shanks

WNG combines a composite Shank Butt and a Carbon Tube Shank for its hammer shanks. The Shank Butt is made from the standard WNG black composite and the Carbon Tube Shank is a pultrusion made from Carbon Fiber and Epoxy. The resulting part is extraordinarily stiff and does not suffer from the tendency of a wooden shank to bend and whip.

RichaThe video on the right was filmed using a high-speed camera and shows what happens when a wooden shank and a WNG Carbon Tube Shank are played.

A WNG Carbon Tube Shank’s strength is as strong as the strongest wooden shank, but doesn’t have the variability in quality that wood does. You can be sure that every WNG Carbon Tube Shank is as strong as the one next to it, and that any piano action equipped with WNG’s Carbon Tube Shanks will see a notable increase in power, consistency, and longevity.

“…The over cautious and half informed inevitably hastened to warn us that the stiffer carbon fiber shanks would degrade the “feel” and performance of the action. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whiplash in wooden shanks results in lack of precision of the strike point in traditional actions; with that comes the well known sound ceiling and loss of quality of sound energy…The extra stiffness of carbon fiber almost eliminates this syndrome and brings with it enhanced feed back to the artists of the hammer string interaction especially with quiet playing…”

Richard Dain

For more information and testimonials on Wessell, Nickel and Gross action parts, please visit www.wessellnickelandgross.com

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