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Imagine playing…

…your favorite song. As your fingers glide across the keys, you discover new tones and textures that you haven’t heard before. They respond intuitively to every nuance of your touch, whether thunderous or whisper-soft, enabling a seamless blend of technical proficiency and interpretative insight. A piano that truly elevates your exceptional skill, interpretive depth, and passion for performance—leaving no space between you and your music.

Mason & Hamlin Piano Company

What to look for in a piano?

Sensitive Touch

A piano designed to immediately adapt to the dynamics of your repertoire elevates your skill and playing. Its touch should be finely tuned, offering responsiveness that empowers you to navigate through soft, loud, and intricate technical passages with ease and precision.

Exceptional Tone

The piano’s sound must empower the pianist, offering expressiveness across a variety of styles. It should enhance interpretive depth, emphasizing dynamics and phrasing to convey the music’s emotional narrative. This quality is crucial for engaging a wide range of repertoire and deeply connecting with the pianist and their audience.

Effortless And Enjoyable

You’ll know the right piano the moment you play it. It should connect you to your music, deeply engage with your audience, and bring you joy while playing it.

Elevate Your Performance

The Premier American Piano

Since 1854, Mason & Hamlin has proudly continued its tradition of using only the finest materials and time-honored methods to produce the World’s Finest Pianos. Renowned for their beauty, unrivaled richness in tone, and sensitive touch, these premier American instruments are inspired by the pianist who play them—discerning, passionate, and dedicated.

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Rich, Robust Sound

Sit down at a Mason & Hamlin piano and you’re immediately enveloped in its signature American sound—deep, booming bass, orchestral, warm tenor, and bell-like treble—all marked with robust sustain and resonance. This piano is the epitome of versatility; perfect for an artist with a refined musical taste eager to explore an expansive musical repertoire.

Responsive, Sensitive Touch & Feel

As your fingers glide across the keys, the piano’s responsiveness becomes apparent—a sensitive, smooth touch. Wessell, Nickel & Gross’ distinctive black all-composite action combines cutting-edge materials with precision craftsmanship, creating a direct connection between you and the piano and a new level of nuanced control over soft, loud, or technical passages.

Manufacturing Positions
Artist Series Expert Craftsmanship • Mason & Hamlin Piano Company • Made in the USA

Quality Materials, Premier American Piano

In 1881, Henry Mason began a meticulous journey, collaborating with leading concert pianists to weave their expert insights into Mason & Hamlin’s piano designs. Since that defining moment, the company has adhered to a philosophy of using only the finest materials and craftmanship to create pianos that meet the exacting demands of passionate musicians and committed audiences.
Charles Szczepanek Outside Thumb 3 • Mason & Hamlin Piano Company • Made in the USA

“Mason & Hamlin pianos are so precise. Everything I put in to the keys is what comes out. There’s no guessing…The action lets you keep getting bigger and bigger sounds. And some other pianos just shut down.

Charles Szczepanek

Pianist, Composer, Teacher, and Arranger
JazzFest Brian 7 of 13 • Mason & Hamlin Piano Company • Made in the USA

When a piano feels and sounds this good, you don’t ever want to stop playing.”

Brian Culbertson

Award-winning songwriter and producer in Jazz, R&B, and Funk
Quennel 0460 1 • Mason & Hamlin Piano Company • Made in the USA

The Sound, the tone, the texture, and the evenness of everything. I fell in love with Mason & Hamlin.”

Quenell Gaskin

Pianist, Teacher, and Composer
NAMM 2020 1333 • Mason & Hamlin Piano Company • Made in the USA

The sound of the Mason is smokey. For the action—as fast as you think it plays. There’s no faster piano. It is the quintessential piano feel.

Ron Tanski

Pianist, Song Writer, and Singer

Select Your Piano

VH Series • Mason & Hamlin Piano Company • Made in the USA

Unquestionably world-class and proudly made in the USA, the Virtuoso X Series is Mason & Hamlin’s top line of pianos and is an ideal choice for performance halls, studios, teaching spaces, and homes.

Artist Series 1 • Mason & Hamlin Piano Company • Made in the USA

Exceptional artistry, value, and boasting a world class action, the Artist Series is Mason & Hamlin’s second line of pianos and is an excellent selection for homes, studios, teaching spaces, and practice rooms.

Mason & Hamlin Piano Company

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