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As many of you are aware, a letter was recently issued restricting piano technicians and rebuilders’ capabilities and livelihood. I have dedicated my life to creating quality instruments, tools, products, resources, providing classes for the piano industry, and I myself have been a registered piano technician for over forty years. I am personally saddened by this development. I understand the importance of quality manufacturing and products; however, I do not feel that this is the correct course of action for the piano industry and rebuilding community. I know that this decision will affect many. My hope is that this will provide an opportunity to strengthen the ties and bonds within the rebuilding community. I would like to reassure everyone that I will continue to support, listen, and encourage its growth and development. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, and I wish you a wonderful 2019.


Kirk Burgett
President of Mason & Hamlin, PianoDisc, and Wessell, Nickel & Gross

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