Jarrod Radnich Welcomed as New Mason & Hamlin Artist

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Most often compared with Franz Liszt, pianist and composer Jarrod Radnich has been ranked by ReverbNation as the most popular living independent classical/instrumental musician across the globe and, with over 80 million video fans worldwide, has been heralded as “the force that is making the classical piano cool again.”

When I heard and saw Jarrod perform live, I was truly astounded,”  -- Tom Lagomarsino, Executive Vice President for Mason & Hamlin.

As a recently welcomed a PianoDisc Recording Artist, and with favorite classical composers of Maurice Ravel and Sergei Rachmaninoff, Radnich's current works follow suit.  His fresh compositions and orchestrations draw much acclaim and have been performed by him at venues such as Lincoln Center, the Annenberg Theatre, and the Music Center at Strathmore, have made him a best-selling author with Hal Leonard Corporation, and have served as the launching pad for the Virtuosic Piano Solo Series. These compositions are performed around the globe, have been recorded exclusively by Radnich for PianoDisc iQ Intelligent Player systems, and are on his latest CDs.  Visitors to Disneyland’s® Tomorrowland can also see him perform his music “live” on a player piano in the Dream Home of the Future over 3,000 times a day.

Labeled a “child prodigy” and yet tempered by a rural upbringing, at age 11 Radnich began professionally instructing piano and thereafter received full scholarships to Berklee School of Music at 15 and the University of Redl

EVP Tom Lagomarsino and NMM Cecil Ramirez welcome artist Jarrod Radnich

ands at 17.   During those teen years Radnich rose to be named the Musical Director of “Babes in Arms” (McCallum Theatre), starred in “Jarrod in Concert” (Annenberg Theatre), and composed and produced an original, fully-orchestrated film score for the silent film Metropolis.   Following a lengthy and intense battle with a life-threatening illness, during which he composed numerous orchestral and lyrical scores as he drew deeply on the healing strengths and powers of music, Radnich was spotlighted in presentations linking music and well-being at The Cleveland Clinic, The Voice Foundation, the Intel Visionary Conference, and various venues with the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute and Dr. Barry Bittman.  Building on the success of his recent CD releases and record-breaking YouTube performances, in late 2014 Radnich plans to launch the Winged Soul  world tour, where he will introduce his newest major original work, ARMAITA: La Vendetta Dell’Angelo - Piano Concerto No. 2  in an orchestral setting where the piano will be punctuated by high-powered electric bass, guitar, and  drums.

As the President and Artistic Director of the Hi-Desert Cultural Center in Joshua Tree, California, and as founder of the Desert Music Foundation, Radnich volunteers his time to create, compose for, and conduct the intergenerational Joshua Tree Philharmonic, which he founded in 2005.   By creating new orchestral arrangements for classic orchestral and popular works, his arrangements allow each member of this orchestra, regardless of skill level, to participate in and contribute to the full-scale orchestral movements – all while reproducing the musical sound of the original.

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